Goldenvale - Sold me Defective Non Working Motorcycle

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I purchase a Roketa MC-51 in September 2008 and have had nothing but problems from the moment I drove off the lot. I purchased the bike from a dealership called Silent Green Machines.

The day I drove the bike home I noticed something wrong with 1st and 2nd gear. Just was just a little funny. I thought it was due to the bike being brand new. After riding it for 3 days the clutch totally went out. I could not shift any longer.

I took the bike back to Silent Green Machines who told me there was a 1yr warranty on parts and service. They ordered a new clutch and put it in the bike. When I picked the bike up and speaking with the dealership they mentioned they were having a hard time with Roketa and they did not warranty anything. Even thought the bike was less than a week old.

I brought the bike home and it was working great for about a week. Then it would not start any longer. I tried to check the battery but that was not it. I took it back to Silent Green Machines but they had gone out of business due the economy. I was able to get a hold of my old sales guy there and he sent me to another company in town that fixes Roketas. He explained the parts should be warranted by Roketa since the bike was less than a year old.

After arriving to the new repair shop the man noticed a electrical problem. He fixed the bike but it cost me $120.00. I explained that the bike was under warranty and he said that Roketa is not warranting anything. I paid the $120.00 and drove the bike home.

One week later the clutch went out again! I now have a bike with less than 100 miles on it.

I contacted Roketa directly. This was the worst hour ever!

Call One:

When I called I asked to speak with someone in sale about a bike I purchased. They transferred me to a man that was hard to understand. I started to explain my problem when the phone was disconnected. I thought it was a mistake.

Call Two:

I called back and asked to speak with someone about a bike I purchased that I feel is defective. They put me on hold and transferred me again. This time a lady answered. I explained my problem and she put me on hold. 10 mins past buy and the call was then disconnected.

Call Three:

I called back to Roketa asked to speak with anyone about a purchase I made. They transferred me to the lady I spoke with earlier. She said we do not warranty any products. She explained I need to contact the deal I bought the bike from. I explained the company I bought it from is out of business and that I feel my bike is defective from the day I bought it. I felt it is a lemon. She then yelled at me and said, "OPEN YOUR EARS AND LISTEN WE DO NOT WARRANTY ANYTHING" then in the background she says to someone else, "Jesus this lady will not listen to me."

I said I am listen I need the name, phone number, or address of the manufacturer for Roketa so that I can get in contact with someone who can help me. She then placed me on hold. I was transferred to the original guy that was hard to understand. When I started to explain my problem he placed me on hold without saying anything. I was transferred back to the same girl who said hello. Once I started speaking the call was disconnected again.

Call Four:

I asked straight forward for the name, number or address of the manufacturer. They transferred me and never came back on the line. After 25 mins on hold I hung up.

I'm not even asking for my money back I just want the bike replaced with one that works. I am now out $2,700 and a non working bike.

Review about: Defective Motorcycle.

Monetary Loss: $2400.


Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom #902950

To be honest buddy what did you expect from a make like that? you gets what you pay for. Next time save up and buy a Honda.

Goldenvale INC WARNING!

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Goldenvale INC, a import company and a division of Roketa, aka Terminator Scooters, before you even remotely consider buying their products, you should read the paragraphs below about the electric scooters they sell, and how they failed miserably to stand behind their products with me.

I've read a lot of electric scooter recalls involving similar problems and similar scooters being recalled, but this was a real nightmare.

I plugged my scooter in to charge it. I left it charging in the garage and proceeded with my days activities, about 30 minutes later, i heard a loud screeching sound coming from my garage. Upon entering my garage, i noticed that the scooter was laying on its side and that the room was full of smoke. Lots of things were out of place, knocked over and down, and there was debris everywhere. The scooter was making a ticking sound, still plugged into its charger and when it would tick, the back wheel would spin a little.

Now, i have no clue why this thing went berzerk, but its obvious that it took off on its own, with so much force that it spun the back tire leaving about a 4 foot long trail of burned rubber on the garage floor. It shouldnt take much of an IQ to figure out that this situation could have hurt someone, perhaps even burnt my house down, but wait m it gets worse.

The scooter has emblems all over it, these emblems say "Terminator Scooter" and have a website addy on them, . Of course, after this scooter went wacko, i went to the website and called the number at the top of the website, ITS NOT EVEN THEIR NUMBER!, according the 4th person who barely speeks english but is allegedly from "California", they are merely the importer of the scooters, and have no clue why their number appears on the website. Try giving them a call, you will quickly get a feel for what i have dealt with over the last couple of hours.

These scooters are obviously dangerous and can *** like a rocket with nobody within 100 feet of it WITH THE KEY IN THE OFF POSITION. If they can do that, i hate to even try to fathom what can happen with a person on it. They obviously have electrical gremlins that can perhaps burn your house down, and when one of these appearant deathtraps does something to harm you, your loved ones, or your personal property, you can expect to be hung up on and treated like a nuissance by their customer service techs.

Review about: Terminator Scooter.

Monetary Loss: $400.


North Lawrence, New York, United States #953854

Dumb*ss motorheads, you get what you deserve for what you're doing to wreck the planet.


You get what you pay for dumb ***....I just got a Mountaineer razorback atv and it sucks....I figured it would....I only paid 1900 for it...I should have bought a brand name used atv...My bad...Lesson learned.


I ordered some Go-Kart parts from Roketa... Apparently this Goldenvale Inc company is who they distribute their parts through...

When the order arrived it was ABSOLUTELY the farthest thing from my order... First off... One of the parts that I paid $78.00 for was not only NOT a new part! But it was rusted over, scratched and dented...

It looked like they had just ripped it off an old buggy and sent it to me... The second thing they sent me was SUPPOSE TO BE 8 Lugnuts... They sent me 1... Really...

1 lugnut... So after initially calling on Labor Day and waiting on hold for 1 1/2 HOURS! I realized that apparently they just didnt have their phone system set up to tell the consumer, "Sorry, were closed today for the holiday"... So I waited that long for nothing...

So i call the next morning... Get transferred to the parts department explain to the woman what I ordered and what they sent me... What does she do? She argues with me and tells me that I "got what I ordered"...

Really... Ok... I must be very retarded because I've never seen anything new in that condition... And what is it that I'm going to do with 1 lug nut?

You think it's bad now? Just wait! After all of this I ask to speak with her Supervisor so I can get this issue resolved, cause it obviously wasn't going to be with her, and SHE HANGS UP ON ME! I call back...

Ask the operator to speak with a Supervisor and SHE TRANSFER'S ME BACK TO THE LADY WHO HUNG UP ON ME! At this point I'm thinking... "If this lady is a supervisor, WOW"... I tell her I need her to get me the address to return this at and she says "I'm gonna make this real easy on you sir, go to our website and get it"...

So I say "No, your not gonna make it real easy on me, I need you to give me the return address"... Then what does she do you ask? SHE ACTUALLY HANGS UP ON ME AGAIN! So anyway...

I call back... Talk to the operator and FINALLY get transferred to a manager! Wow! The ABSOLUTE, HANDS DOWN, THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I'VE EVER HAD!



I just got back from goldenvale in onterio ca. Had a new 2008 roketa bought from a dealer in Spokane Wa that went TU after 20 miles.

Dealer misadjusted the valves and one went through the piston and wouldn't fix it. I hate to tell you but I met the owner in person while I watched my scoot getting fixed. I was so happy that they let me watch I bought another scoot from them and trailered it back. They gave me a Certificate of origin with the other scoot I bough along with a bill of sale.

I do think the dealers are out to *** once they have the money in hand. I had no problem getting mine titled. You must have a sales reciept to get the title with the vin on it. Very happy with the one tech they have yes I said one only.

The guy is very good and fast had my scoot fixed and running in 3.5 hours. Very happy with them.


so yeh i tryed to order a moped from these guys website.they told me they couldnt sell to me in my state,i go elsewhere get a moped no problems.these are the only other people who had acess to my info,since then i left 86 cents on that card because someone started trying to charge all kinds of *** from all over to that card,good thing it was a pay as you go card not my real bank info.around 2 grand so far pplus the amount i told of the moped i told them i no longer needed.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #178958

Oh my!! I purchased a 49 cc scooter in Las Vegas on July 10, 2010.

I should have bought a bicycle!! This thing is a piece of *** and when I complained to the dealer about all the problems he hung up on me!!


I just wanna know if I can get a repair manual. I usually get one for whatever vehicle I own.

Please... and Thanks


I was gonna use them as a parts supplier for my business but the very first order I made with them was a disaster. they didn't tell me for days that a part wasn't avaiable then a few days later same thing so I called and called.

They do not help customers at all.

This company needs to shut down. DON'T GO NEAR!!!


hey, dealer, you talk about how cool they are after not getting complaints in the 3 weeks you have been selling them, dontcha think you should give it a while longer? i'm sure they are quite cool for the first month, perhaps 2.


to the Dealer at the top of page, yea, right. i've been trying to get the dealer to make this right with me for several months now, nobody will ever make this right unless i sue them for it.

Honestly, i would rather tell the world about how they have treated me and how i got stuck with scooters that *** accross the room on their own breaking stuff...

I hear the gas powered stuff is better quality, all i know for sure is my 2 rechargable scooters were so incredibly crappy that i put them at the curb a couple weeks ago.


I recently became a dealer and have no complaints whatsoever, in fact, have nothing but compliments. All you people who have complaints need to take it back to the dealer. I have ordered 12 bikes in three weeks, sold five, and have no complaints from customers.

Saint Francis, Minnesota, United States #25623

I have a Roketa dirt bike that I purchased in 2006. I lost the seat while I was transporting it in 2007 and have been trying to get it replaced.

After receiving 2 seats over the last year, Goldenvale INC refused to accept the return and ship me a new bike. With my last conversation with them, they mentioned some sudden 30-day policy which I was beyond now and they refused a refund and refused to ship me the correct seat. Imagine that! Now my kids have a dirt bike they can't ride.

I checked with the BBB and their scoring is an F. Pretty sad I didn't check sooner.

I would NOT recommend Roketa or Terminator to anyone. It's better to save your money and purchase your toys from someone who cares about their customers.

Elizabethtown, Illinois, United States #19600

Purchased a Roketa scooter May 28 2008. Have not received certificate of origin yet, supposed to have it 7 to 10 days after shipping.

Was considering buying another, after this I don't know.

Other people are having the same problem. What to do can't even get licence for this bike?

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